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Our treatment programs at New Dawn Drug Rehab Solutions are designed to save lives. In an aggressive approach to stem the wave of drug overdose deaths, law enforcement officers have been trained and equipped, a medication capable of reversing the fatal effects of drug overdose. While reversing near-fatal drug overdose deaths is a significant breakthrough, it does not address the core issues of addiction that will ultimately lead the individual back to the same drug that threatened their life.

To stop this deadly cycle of addiction, New Dawn Drug Rehab Solutions recommend that these overdose survivors seek professional help to effect a full recovery. We provide up-to-date, innovative and comprehensive treatment programs. The evidence-based programs effectively address specific challenges, help patients to establish new life goals and provide the tools to achieve them. Recovery takes place in a safe and state of the art facility.

When you or the people you love suffer with an addiction, you need guidance. You likely feel stressed and overwhelmed already, and you don’t need another unsympathetic group to pile more unhelpful suggestions and responsibilities on your plate.

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New Dawn Drug Rehab Solutions

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