Drug Treatment

Drug Abuse Rehab

New Dawn Addiction Center offers patients more than just the standard drug rehabilitation program. We strive to assist each individual in building a healthy sense of self-worth as they shore up the foundations of their life during this recovery process and make the transition to a life of sobriety.

Treating drug addiction can be challenging. The treatment that works for one person may not be as helpful for another. For example, a person who has developed a severe opiate addiction based on misuse of prescription drugs will not respond to the same treatments as a teenager who is binge drinking several times per month. Because people are different, it helps to have treatments that can be adapted to meet each client’s particular challenges and needs.

When a person determines that it is time to enter addiction treatment, a reputable, research-based program will work with the client to make sure that the treatment program selected is flexible enough to fit that person’s treatment requirements. To aid in this flexibility, it is valuable for a program to have a number of options for varying levels of care that can be phased in and out, and adjusted, to have the best chance for long-term recovery with a low risk of relapse.


New Dawn Addiction Center provides a holistic approach to deliver effective treatment and optimal care to patients. We offer multiple healing modalities and access to a wide spectrum of tools and resources, including medical supervision by a multi-disciplined team of specialists within a supportive community. We offer 30-, 60-, and 90-day programs at affordable rates.

Under our guidance, patients can learn new life skills in a structured environment that fosters positivity. New habits and healthy coping mechanisms are strengthened through the support of the community and guidance of the clinical team. As one of the most reputable Utah drug rehab centers, we understand that being surrounded with other individuals who walk a similar path often leads to lifelong friendships that inherently create built-in support systems for the recovering addict after they leave treatment. With this powerful combination of tools developed by science and the care and nurture of each patient, lives are renewed. If you suffer from addictions to any of the drugs below, contact us today, we can help.

A Look at Drug and Alcohol Detoxification


Alcohol and drugs alter the way a person thinks and acts. It causes physical changes to brain chemistry and creates some problems. Since it’s legal, most people don’t view alcohol as a poison, but in reality, that is precisely what it is. The same is true for illicit drugs. These substances can make people feel good, but they’re nothing more than different types of poison. The primary action of a drug is to increase the quantity of a specific chemical that is produced naturally in the body. For example, many drugs cause the brain to make more dopamine. When a substance is used over an extended period, it starts to replace the chemical it once increased. As this process occurs, a person becomes dependent on the drug. The body stops making the chemical that the drug replaces and expects the drug to take its place.

Most people don’t realize that their body is very similar to a machine, but it’s significantly more resilient. A healthy human body can heal itself and perform all essential functions needed for survival. Although it’s impossible to see from the outside, every part of the human body is perfectly tuned to work with every other part. Blood, organs, veins, skin, nerves, and muscles all work together.

It’s important to understand that not all drugs are harmful.  Many legal drugs are used to sustain essential processes in the body, but illicit drugs break down the body. A drug or alcohol addiction disrupts the body’s normal rhythm. If a person has been using drugs or alcohol for an extended period, he or she has a body that is entirely out of pace, and this can lead to a variety of illnesses.

The purpose of detoxification is to bring the body back to its normal rhythm or functioning. It’s used to restore the body to the state it was in before it became dependent on drugs or alcohol. After detoxification, individuals can get into even better shape than they were in before using drugs or alcohol. Unfortunately, it’s not quite as easy as it sounds. Often, detox can be a painful and uncomfortable process. However, the entire process doesn’t last very long, so that is something people can look forward to.


New Dawn Addiction Center understands that no one aspires to be addicted to drugs. Cocaine users start by seeking a good time with good company. They want to have high energy all night so they will be ready for the best time of their life. It begins with a little on the weekends only to result in dropping paycheck after paycheck on sustaining their need for cocaine.

Before they know it they find themselves trapped in a downward spiral of addiction. Cocaine works on the body to make users require more of the drug to get the same high, making it highly addictive. At New Dawn Addiction Center, we are ready to help you or your loved one conquer addiction to this highly dangerous and even deadly drug.

Our cocaine treatment takes an individualized, evidence-based approach, using medical advances to take your loved one through withdrawal and into rehabilitation. It’s almost impossible to kick a cocaine addiction without help, and our caring professionals with the knowledge and compassion to see you through the process, custom-designing each person’s treatment program to maximize success.

Treatment doesn’t end with rehab and New Dawn Addiction Center will help you craft an effective aftercare plan with your therapist to make sure that the goal you set in rehab remain your focus and inspires you you to remain sober. During recovery, a good aftercare program can help your loved one to develop strategies to combat the stresses and avoid the triggers that could lead to a relapse. Our carefully planned support groups and recovery support help our patients to return to the new normal of stability, sobriety, and success.